2,100 Square Foot Remodel

Residential drafting plans for large remodel
Location: Tigard
Project specs: This project was a large-scale remodel to allow wheelchair access throughout. The intention was also to preserve the 1928 look and feel and to incorporate energy efficient upgrades.

Here are some resources to help ease the stress around trying to “do it right.” An extensive remodel is an organic process so being flexible is very helpful.

  • Before You Remodel Your Home
    This site will help you figure out where to start, who you might need on your “team,” and how much it might cost.
  • Do you need an architect?
    The short answer is yes but this article will tell you what architects do, a range of what they cost and what questions to ask. Because of the complexity of code requirements on extensive remodels, I generally do residential drafting for this size project with an architect or designer. If you need a recommendation, contact me for a list of excellent, affordable architects in the Portland area.
  • How to organize your ideas
    Pinterest – don’t cringe, this is actually quite a useful tool for keeping all the great ideas you see on the web in one place… really, I promise. You need to set up an account (it’s free) and it only takes a couple of minutes. The basic idea is that you create your own online bulletin boards such as “entry ideas,” “lighting,” “kitchen,” etc. When you see something you like online, you just ‘pin’ it to your bulletin board. As long as you don’t go out and sell the images, there are no copyright issues. Your bulletin boards can be private so no one sees them but you.

Measure twice, cut once

Tom has incredible patience and actually designed and drafted the plans three times before we were ready to take it to the builder. We wanted everything planned out down to Christmas light outlets in the roof soffit!

Tom’s attention to detail saved us more than once. At the beginning of the job, two subcontractors tried to charge us more than their bid for things that already were in the plans. Thank goodness the plans included the basic details – and the “extras!”

Wife and co-designer/co-project manager

My objective is to deliver residential drafting plans that pass through the permit process without a hiccup – and are crystal clear to the builder. On any project, time is money!